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Horse hostel facilities are also available at club, considering that people do not have the time or space to stable horses that they would like to own. S.S.Club maintains your horse for you at a monthly fee, and ensures the well being by proper feeding, exercise and basic veterinary care.

Horses are often kept inside buildings known as barns or stables, which provide shelter for the horses. These buildings are normally subdivided to provide a separate area or box for each horse, which prevents horses injuring each other, separates horses of different genders, allows for individual care regimens such as restricted or special feeding and makes handling easier. The design of stables can vary widely, based on climate, building materials, historical period, and cultural styles of architecture. A wide range of building materials can be used, including bricks or stone, wood, and steel. Stables can range widely in size, from a small building to house only one or two animals, to facilities used at agricultural shows or at race tracks, which can house hundreds of horses.


Box  / stall:   Some horse owners prefer to keep their horses indoors, in a box stall. A box stall is just what it sounds like: a stall in the shape of a box. Box stalls are compartments within a barn. most Box / stall are small, 10 x 12  or 12 x 12foot  Room. Horses who live in Stall  need daily exercise because they donít get much of a workout in this small space. If you canít ride every day, you need to turn your horse loose in an arena or take him for a walk to provide him with a way to stretch his legs. Keeping a horse in a box stall provides a couple of advantages. Stall-kept horses stay cleane and neat. Horses donít end up muddy when it rains or dusty when itís dry. They also avoid bites and other injuries delivered by other horses. The downside of keeping a horse in a box stall is that living there is less healthy for the horse than living outdoors. A horse who stands in nearly the same place for hours on end is more prone to colic, leg problems, and boredom, which often results in stable vices. Also, because ventilation isnít as good in a stall as it is outdoors, stall-kept horses are more prone to respiratory disease. Like horses in paddocks, horses in box stalls need daily exercise because they donít have much room to move around. You need to ride your horse daily, walk him around the barn, or turn him loose in an arena.



Type - A

Full Stabling / Parking : Generally includes all food, water, stabling, stall-cleaning, and, sometimes, daily turnout for exercise. In a few locations, particularly  grooming and riding of the horse,


Ideal for the individual who has a day to day busy schedule, or travels alot. We can take care of all your horse's requirements seven days a week. Ensuring he is professionally cleaned, fed, turned out and including daily health checks. Full Stabling includes box, mucking out, quartering,, and use of facilities.

Type - B

Part - Partial Stabling / Parking: The horse is provided shelter, water, stabling, and twice daily feedings of hay. All other care, including feeding of grain, stall-cleaning, grooming and all exercise, is the responsibility of the owner.


Some people have little time in the week for all the day to day care but enjoy spending more time with their horses over the weekends. This system allows our staff to care for your horse during the five week days and then you care for him personally at the weekend.


Type - C


Holiday Stabling : Going away for a couple of days / weeks. No need to employ a house and horse sitter. We are more than happy to care for your horse on a short term basis. Even for a couple of days. Leave him with us and go away knowing heís getting professional care and  supervision.



All of our Stabling services include use of the extensive facilities at the Centre. outdoor arenas, cantering, show jumps, cross country fences and  the horse exercise.






We are lucky enough to benefit from having some top class facilities here at our Riding Centre.


         Total 16 ( Sixteen ) Satbles

         7 Room Type Stables

         1 Breeding Mare / Foal  Room

         4 Large / Sports Horse Stables

         4 Common Stables

         4 Paddocks ( 24 Hour Water Ė Fodder )

         Round  Pan.

         60x30 mtr  outdoor riding arena.

         Large Pasture

         A full set of show jumps including fillers and a few cross country training fences, to help develop a cross country riding technique.

         Pleasant scenic hacking around country lanes and bridle paths.

         Turn out/Bring in.

         Mucking Out




         Hoof Care


         Basic Medical Treatment