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Horse riding is widely  known to be a Royal sport and that too an expensive one .But here at the SS club we offer one of the most cost effective and easily affordable course  with lot to learn. A lot  of effort and patience goes into training and learning the techniques of  horse riding but we give priority more to training the learners and honing the skills  rather than charging huge fees. 

Our course includes not only teaching the usual riding  but also other equestrian sports such as Endurance race, Jumping, Polo, Tent pegging and more. During the sports training ,the learners are taught on experienced and winner horses to enhance the confidence.

There are different courses offered for different age groups with online  theories,write ups,videos ,pics  and free seminars. Each rider is  provided with a personal instructor .

All facilities are made available for the riders and the horses as well. The riders are provided with all safety gears and best of the training and so are the horses.

In the course the riders are also trained to look after the horses, their basic grooming, their well being stable management ,natural horsemanship and  also taught how to handle all the equipments required for basic care of the horse.

A huge International standardized  arena is provided to riders for practice, to learn not just walk and trot but the highest plinth of riding which is canter. We teach English ,Western riding ,trail and  safari with rules and regulations.

Above all our club is affiliated to the Equestrian Federation Of India,which enables the learners to acquire a license and a chance to take part in all  equestrian sports .Also this helps to gain first certified diploma course in horse riding,which is beneficial in choosing horse as a career option.

These days  in the times of technology  we have also progressively introduced a “POLAR COMPUTERISED” horse and rider conditioning and training program. This enables  to improve the skills of the horse and the rider as well. There  is  a lot of online support available with video tutorials.

While  so much is available under the coaching of experts,we have kept the schedules very flexible,so that the enthusiastic  learners feel free to come and attend sessions at their convenience.

 At the other places or horse training centers ,when learning  such a lot in a single course may  become inaccessible, we at SS club provide you with the most pocket friendly packages.